Your fitness journey. Can you be happy as is AND want change?

Feel good and be happy – right now! (while still having weight loss and/or fitness goals!)

Today I’ve been thinking a lot about body positivity, weight loss, toning and the mind-body connection. Is it possible to feel body positive AND want to improve your physical wellbeing on your fitness journey?

Or is striving to change our bodies contradictory to being happy how we are? I personally think it depends on your approach to your fitness journey and your mindset, particularly what VALUE to are putting on physical wellbeing and your WHY.

The important thing is to avoid the dangerous if-when pattern – IF I have slim legs/lose weight/etc THEN I will be happy/successful/etc. This is not a healthy way to think!! Here are five ways to help you be happy NOW, while still striving for weight loss, or other physical wellbeing and fitness goals:

How are you today – are you feeling fit?

How are you today – how are you really feeling today? Focus on FEELING fit first!

How we use our bodies and what we put in them effects our thoughts, feelings and energy. Eat to feel good and feel good about what you eat. Do you feel energised and clear headed? Perhaps you feel a bit tired from working your muscles and making them stronger?

Physical wellbeing for functionality and feeling good is a positive thing, and wanting to be healthy is a positive change – enjoy it.

What did you call me? Be kind on your journey.

We hear this over and over but it is so true. I’m becoming more aware of when a negative thought comes up and stopping it in its tracks with some kind words or words of gratitude to myself.

Wanting to improve does not mean you need to be unhappy with yourself or unkind to yourself now. It doesn’t mean you need to be telling yourself ‘I love my thighs’ or ‘my stomach looks amazing’, it’s more about encouragement and kindness to yourself – YOU.

‘You did some really high knee jumps today – awesome’ or ‘I feel good about all the protein and nutrients I put in my body for lunch today!’

If you struggle with the whole talking to yourself, try starting with gratitude thoughts. I love, love, love this – it’s so powerful – it takes us out of our own heads and away from thinking about ourselves! What are YOU grateful for today?

What did you do TODAY? Living your fit life.

Remember, the journey is the destination! Again, cliché but true. You ARE choosing healthy NOW, this is it! There is no end goal – it’s an everyday practice. You are doing it NOW, it doesn’t matter if the physical changes take time, you are living it.

Enjoy being healthy and happy now, today, this minute, not once your body looks different. Go girl.

YOU are not your thighs!

You are not your thighs. Or your stomach, or your booty. YOU are not your appearance. Full stop. It’s ok to want to change things about yourself, just like you might want to tidy up your house, or restore an old piece of furniture (yes, I did just refer to our bodies as old pieces of furniture), but this is not who you are.

These things might look different, work better, last longer after some work, but you do not identify with them or tie your self-worth to them. YOUR value comes from your words, thoughts, actions, decisions and behaviours.

Lastly, Go your own way

Growth and change is a good thing. Health is no different to other areas of our life that we wish to continue building, growing, creating.

Whether you want to learn a new skill, build a business, expand your knowledge, or any type of growth, this is a positive way to live and enjoy life.

By wanting to ADD to your life rather than ESCAPE where you are now, you can be happy and accepting of the present while still filling your life and following your fitness journey. The cup is always full but the cup just gets bigger 😊 

How do you stay present and grateful while striving for goals? Share your thoughts and tips!

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Frequently Asked Questions
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For me, there are two types of exercise zones that make the time fly by. And if these don’t work I’ve got some great tips for treadmill time!

Why does stretching feel so good?

Stretching before and after exercising can feel like a massage from the inside out! Here are some ways to get your stretch on (and stop thinking about your to-do list).


9 thoughts on “Your fitness journey. Can you be happy as is AND want change?”

  1. I absolutely love this article! I think I needed it actually. I’ve been thinking about this for a few days now. I’m not a confident person and I never have been but I’m tired of feeling that way. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Great thoughts! This is definitely something I’ve struggled with, but am learning to be kind to myself and be happy in the moment! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautifully written! I’ve learnt so many new things reading this post and couldn’t agree more on all the points you’ve made. Amazing.

  4. I believe we can still be happy as we are and still want to change. I absolutely love my life and who I am.. but as you said, growth and change are a good thing! Our health should never be taken for granted and we should give properly to ourselves every day.

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