When you’re feeling blue but don’t know why

8+1 ideas to get through the funk

Yesterday I felt a little out of sorts. Just kind of blah for no reason and feeling blue but I didn’t know why. My day consisted of feeling like this.

A sad grumpy dog lying on the floor doing nothing.
When you’re feeling blue but don’t know why you might not feel like moving around very much!

And then I’d go from the bedroom to the lounge room and do this. blahhh.

A sad grumpy dog wrapped in a blanket
When you’re feeling blue but don’t know why you might not feel like getting out of bed!

Some days I guess you just get up on the wrong side of the bed and feel a bit rubbish.

Shake off that blah feeling

I spent some time trying to pin point if there was anything specifically bothering me… but I couldn’t think of anything. So I slothed around for a while longer, feeling pretty unmotivated.

Usually if I’m having a funky day I just try not stress or over analyse it and I know that it will pass! Some days we can just be feeling blue but don’t know why.

Finding your positivity when you’re in a grump, and get your mojo back!

 I found this pretty awesome blog post from Kelsey at Positively Delighted that has some great ideas for shaking a bad mood! The article talks about first checking are you hungry, thirsty or tired – as these are often the underlying problem when you are in a grump.

My favourite suggestion of hers for a little pick me up is to blast one of your favourite high energy songs. I tried it this morning when I got up to shake off the last of those blues with Taylor Swift ‘Shake if Off’, which she conveniently has ready to press play on her post and start feeling awesome again 😊 

Feeling inspired, I’ve put together my own list of ideas to try when I’m feeling a bit blah and need a mood buster!

1 – Connect to correct

Sometimes when I’m feeling grumpy I just feeling like curling up in a ball and not seeing or talking to anyone. But if I can send a text message or call a friend I think it might snap me out of it. Connecting with a friend who can make you laugh, smile or even just distract you can be a great way to beat the blues.

2 – Get your shoes off

There’s something very healing about being in nature. If I’m in an unmotivated head space though, I don’t always feel like going for a walk or driving to the park. These are great ideas and I know I almost always feel better after getting outside amongst the sea, the sand or the trees, but sometimes I need a slightly smaller goal.

Try walking outside on the grass in the backyard with bare feet to get the feeling of nature and connection to earth. Maybe even walk in some muddy soil or stand on the grass or dirt. If the sun is shining then that’s nice, but if it’s windy or rainy then embrace that too.

3 – Heart melting moments

If you’re feeling blue but don’t know why, find some cute puppy pictures. Or videos. How can I possibly feel sad looking at adorable dogs doing cute things? Finding some heart melting moments is surely worth a try! If you have a real dog, even better for you!

4 – Other kinds of melting moments

Get busy in the kitchen! I generally don’t spend a lot of time cooking or baking but once I get into it I do quite enjoy it.

When I can go at my own pace and there is not pressure to get a dinner on the table, it can be an engrossing and creative time. Which I think makes it a great activity to bust through the blues.

And of course, you get to eat something delicious at the end 😊 Melting moments anyone?

5 – Take the pressure off

So this is a bit of a boring one to follow cute puppies and making biscuits, but writing a good list might just help work through the funk, especially if there is some underlying overwhelm or self-inflicted expectations and pressure there.

Maybe there are tasks I’m avoiding, or things I don’t really want to do. Writing a list helps organise my thoughts and break things down into manageable pieces. Sometimes this shows me that there is nothing that I HAVE to do by the end of the day, so it’s okay to relax and choose one of the other ideas from this list!

6 – Run a bath – and maybe get in

Note that I didn’t say HAVE a bath. Whenever I think about having a bath, I think ‘I cant be bothered running it’.

So the idea here is that I run the bath, and that’s all I have to do! Then, of course most likely, I will want to get in. And baths are so super relaxing and removed from the everyday environment… being immersed in water will surely work some magic!

I love starting with small, manageable first steps that won’t overwhelm me!

7 – Let it out with music

So Kelsey’s tip is about finding a high energy, positive track to get you moving and motivated – which I LOVE! But sometimes I feel like something a bit more mellow, or even some downright sad songs to wallow in!

I’m try music in all its forms when I’m a bit out of sorts and see what works. Whether that’s relaxing and clearing my mind with some soulful songs, pumping up the mood with some high energy tracks or just letting it all out and commiserating with some miserable melodies.

8 – Bring back some colour

Have you tried mindfulness colouring? It’s a super relaxing, non-demanding activity that I really love. There’s something super satisfying about colouring in that helps when I’m stuck in my own head.

Now, I wasn’t going to post this link, but then I thought – hey, it might give someone a laugh and lighten up their funky mood! Let me explain. So I thought it would be a nice idea to make you a free mindful colouring sheet pdf to download. How hard can it be?

So it turns out my graphic design/artistic skills are not quite what I thought they are.. and it’s actually much harder than it looks!! I turned my colouring sheet into a Happy poster, feel free to download it and colour it in, have a laugh, or both!

If you’re after some gorgeous colouring sheets from someone who knows what they’re doing have a look at Kelsey’s Etsy store for colouring sheets or Amazon for her colouring books.

Bonus tip! Get moving

And my last (bonus) idea, is to get moving! Sometimes this is the last thing I feel like doing when I’m in agitated, but sometimes it does help and I feel better. Check out my post here for how to exercise when you don’t feel like it if you’d like some more tips. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water.

Remember lifeline/beyond blue

I hope you are having a happy high vibe day wherever you are. I know I’m sometimes feeling blue but don’t know why – for no reason, and it passes by. Feel free to try some of these things and let me know if they lift your mood!

Remember if you are ever feeling like you need extra support contact Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636 or Lifeline 13 11 14 (AU) Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 (US) for support.

What do you do when you’re in a funky mood? How do you get your bounce back? And do you like my picture?!

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Stretching feels so good and can be great for our muscles after a exercising!

What’s the best way to enjoy my fitness journey and not stress about results?

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