What to have instead of junk food!

What to eat instead of something sweet! 8 healthy alternatives to sugary snacks 

And what to eat instead of junk food? Now I want to preface this post with ‘if you really want it – have it and enjoy it!’ Depravation and guilt are worse for you than the treat itself – that’s my thoughts!

However, quite often we want to stop eating junk food and know that it is not nutritious or good for our health. Or we might feel like something sweet and don’t want to eat junk food, but don’t have any ideas for healthy alternatives. This post is about sugary junk food!

So, what to eat when you feel like something sweet? I’ve put together 8 healthy alternatives to reach for instead of the cake and ice cream.

Healthy alternatives NOT healthy versions

There are many recipes and posts out there for healthy versions of our favourite snacks and junk food, but this post is a little different. It’s about healthy foods to have INSTEAD of cake, chocolate, ice cream etc.

These alternatives may have some of the same flavours, or aim to hit the same cravings spot, but they are not just versions of the junk you are craving. I sometimes use these to help with beating cravings for specific types of food.

While healthy versions of favourite junk foods/calorie-laden recipes are great, and I love experimenting with these as well, it’s also good to try some alternative foods so that you aren’t always battling with the desire for cake and biscuits, in any form. I hope that makes sense.

Let’s get started with my healthy foods to eat instead of to sweets and junk food. Give it a go and let me know how it works for you!

What to eat instead of cake

Sometimes you really feel like some sweet, decadent cake – maybe sponge cake, cheesecake, chocolate cake… with a big dollop of cream. Mmmm.

Instead, try egg white meringue. Whip up some egg whites until they go white and glossy. Add a dash of honey or stevia first to make it sweeter, or a spoonful of cottage cheese to beat those cheesecake cravings.

What to have instead of soft drinks or fizzy drinks

When you’re craving something bubbly and want some fizz, try a soda water with a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime. It’s super refreshing and is a much healthier alternative to sweet soft drinks without the artificial sweeteners of some diet drinks.

What to eat instead of carrot cake

Some carrot cake recipes are super healthy and some are high in sugar and fat. If you are looking for those flavours but don’t want to have a piece of cake (or three), try chopping up some carrot and eating it with a handful of walnuts. It is surprisingly tasty and super healthy.

What to eat instead of pancakes

Pancakes are so delicious with their soft, doughy goodness, and variety of toppings that all go so beautifully well. If you’re looking for an alternative to a pancake recipe that is super easy, delicious and versatile, try blending chick peas and egg, smush into flat balls and fry. Top with cottage, cheese, honey, peanut butter or protein powder/water mixed thickly. It tastes super indulgent and you can make it as simple or as extravagant as you like.

What to have instead of biscuits

Mmm, sweet, crunchy biscuits! Before you know it the whole packet is gone! If you’re looking for a crunch, try some celery sticks with cottage cheese. For extra crunch or some sweetness, add some raisins and sprinkled nuts! So healthy!

What to eat instead of pudding

If you love pudding (and who doesn’t!!) but are looking for a flavour hit without the calories, try this light and tasty mix. Simply scramble up some eggs (I usually like to do two egg whites plus one whole egg), add a dash of vanilla essence and sprinkle over some cinnamon. Pudding that won’t ruin your dinner!

What to have instead of chocolate, sweets and lollies

On first thoughts, this might not sound so appealing and might not be what you feel like, but it could surprise you! When you’re craving sugar, sweets and lollies, have a spoonful of peanut butter!

I’m not sure if it’s the high fat content or what, but it’s great for taking the edge of sugar cravings and leaves you feeling satisfied. It’s just hard to stop at one spoonful sometimes!

What to eat instead of ice cream

Mmmm, ice cream. So delicious and refreshing on a hot day. Or any day. The best alternative to ice cream in my opinion is frozen banana… yum! If you let it defrost a little bit and then blend it up it tastes creamy and delicious. And you can add other fruit to it as well.

If you’re looking for something refreshing with less sugar, try some cucumber sticks with a little lemon juice drizzled on. It’s not ice cream that’s for sure but it’s a very virtuous alternative.

Bonus: What to have instead of alcohol

My favourite drink if I want to avoid the wine is kombucha. It’s really good for your belly and some varieties have practically no sugar. There are some awesome flavours and it has a bit of a kick to make you feel like you’re not missing out.

Table of what to have instead of junk food

I hope you find this table of sugary junk food alternatives helpful! Here is a free pdf version of my what to eat instead of junk food table!

Do you have any go-to alternatives when you’re craving something ‘junky’? Please share!

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