Sweet protein recipe! Protein powder breakfast pudding

Yummy scrummy delicious breakfast (or dessert!) protein pudding

You might have seen from my post about what I ate for a week on Rachael Attard’s fitness program that one of my favourite sweet protein recipes is my delicious protein powder pudding recipe. You can make it low carb, adapt it for an easy macro balanced meal and best of all, it’s an easy, sweet high protein meal you can make in the microwave!

I make this for an amazingly decadent high protein, sweet breakfast but it also makes a fabulous pudding if you’re looking for a dessert recipe with protein powder.

Sweet protein recipe that’s low in sugar

This recipe is so good if you are looking for a high protein meal that is sweet! There are so many good high protein savoury recipes but I have struggled to find many sweet protein recipes that don’t use a whole lot of artificial ingredients or artificial sweeteners and can still be low carb.

I’ve also tried protein pancake recipes which are also quite yummy, but I really like the moist, pudding consistency of this recipe and I’m a sucker for anything I can just shove in the microwave and eat out of a bowl. I make this a few times a week at least, and it’s a great variation on protein and oats or protein smoothies. It’s also great if you’re thinking about a different way to have protein powder on rest days.

Microwave protein pudding with all natural ingredients and choice of toppings

You would also have seen from the post of what I ate in a week that I am no Instagram photographer and that my food pictures for the most part looked… a bit sloppy to say the least. HOWEVER, I have had some questions about my sweet protein pudding recipe, so I thought I would share it with you.

There are many variations for how you can make it depending on how low-carb you want to go, and lots of optional toppings so you can use whatever you have in the fridge and pantry. You can also vary the toppings in case you feel like one pudding for a high protein sweet breakfast, and then try some different toppings for an amazing dessert recipe with protein powder as well!

High protein sweet breakfast

If you’re looking for a high protein sweet breakfast other than a smoothie or protein pancakes, give my recipe a try! For breakfast toppings I like to use soaked chia seeds, extra blueberries and of course, protein powder (like the version in the picture).

You can also play around with the measurements and toppings if you are following a macro meal plan or counting calories. You can also following an intuitive eating approach and put on whatever you feel like and whatever you feel your body needs!

Dessert recipe with protein powder

Two puddings in one day feels very indulgent… trust me I’ve tried it! The version in my picture has got chia seeds, blueberries and protein powder as toppings and I’m serving it up with more cries of ‘it tastes better than it looks, I promise’!!!

If you try different toppings for breakfast and dessert, there is not reason you can’t enjoy two sweet protein puddings a day straight from the microwave. For a sweet, natural dessert recipe with protein powder I recommend trying cottage cheese or coconut cream, peanut butter and protein powder toppings.

Protein powder for the creamy, sweet sauce

You would have seen in my protein spinach smoothie recipe that I’m not too good with measurements… I like to go by what I’ve got available and how hungry I am. So play around with the measurements for this recipe, depending on what you’ve got on hand, and also whether you’re trying to keep carbs low. As long as you’ve got a minimum of a tablespoon of oats, and 1/3 of a piece of fruit for the carby ingredients, it should come out sweet and delicious, and of course high protein.

I’ve tried a few different protein powders to make the sweet protein sauce topping and some work better than others. Add the water one spoonful at a time to make the protein powder sauce a beautiful thick consistency without getting that protein powder dust flavour.

The main tip to make this sweet protein recipe come out delicious and pudding-like, is to be careful not to overcook it! Or it goes rubbery and gross.

And I usually choose 1-3 of the optional ingredients on the list below, but feel free to go all out.

Sweet protein powder pudding ingredients

Amount (size)Amount (weight)IngredientsNotes
¼ cup20 grams/0.8 ouncesOats
½ a piece 60 grams/2.2 ouncesFruit (apple, pear or banana work well)Chopped
2-3110 grams/4 ouncesEgg whites
1 20 grams/0.8 ounces Egg yolk
½ scoop20 grams/0.8 ouncesProtein powder
¼ cup 40 grams/3 ounces Frozen berries or extra chopped fruitOptional
1 tablespoon 16 grams/0.6 ouncesPeanut butterOptional
1 tablespoon 16 grams/0.6 ounces Coconut creamOptional
1 tablespoon 14 grams/0.5 ounces Cottage cheeseOptional
1 tablespoon 10 grams/0.4 ounces Chia seedsSoaked overnight/Optional
*Amounts are approximate

Sweet protein powder pudding method

Recipe method:
Blend together the eggs/egg whites, oats and chopped fruit.
Pour the mixture into a bowl and microwave, stirring approximately every 30 seconds. Stop when it’s still a bit sludgy.
In a separate bowl mix the protein powder with 2 tablespoons of water. Keep adding water until it makes a thick but runny consistency.
Pour the protein mixture over the pudding and add any of the optional toppings you like.
Eat straight away. It’s So Yum! I promise!!

What is your favourite way use protein powder? Try this protein pudding recipe and let me know what you think!

Frequently Asked Questions
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I’ve had a few thoughts as to why it’s often difficult to stop evening snacking! One thought is that after dinner, there are no.more.meals. Aaarggghh! Check out my stop snacking blog post!

What happens when I finish an online fitness program or workout challenge?

Great question! What ARE your plans for when you finish? It’s important to think about what nutrition and fitness mean to you and your ongoing lifestyle.


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