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Find the best fitness approach for YOU

Hi there and thank you so much for visiting!! 😊

Marnie Magpie is all about getting the inspiration and information you need to find the best nutrition and fitness approach for YOU – so you can stick with it!

Here’s what you’ll find at Marnie Magpie:

Search online nutrition and fitness programs using the program search tool and easily compare them to find the best program to suit you – YOUR goals and YOUR lifestyle, and as much or as little structure as you need.

There are also loads of fitness resources I’ve created for you – tips, tricks and printables of things that helped me on my fitness journey – like my fun, free, super popular What to have instead of junk printable swap table or the Stop Snacking Action Tip Cards from the Itty-bitty Shop

Fun, informative articles, tips and recipes on the fitness blog!

I hope you find everything you need here to make informed, empowered decisions, and live a happy, healthy life 😊

Nutrition and fitness – where to begin

Do you get overwhelmed by the mountains of health and fitness information we have available to us today?

Fitness programs to lose weight. Tone up workout plans. Easy diets, fast diets or simply how to make healthier choices.

There are so many options and different online fitness programs it can be hard to known where to start, or even why you want to get fit and what your health goals are.

I’ve explored loads of diet and workout programs for women and have put together a fitness program search tool to help you find the right one for you. You can check out my review of Rachael Attard’s Lean Legs program and also my review of the Avocadu 21 Day Fat Loss program.

Have a browse around, check out what’s here (and don’t forget to sign up for freebies and updates!) and when you’re ready, come back to this page and I’ll take you through my deep dive activity to work out exactly what fitness and nutrition means to YOU and YOUR lifestyle. This is the key to choosing the right fitness program (which may look like ‘no program’), sticking with it and enjoying your fitness journey.

See you soon!

Marnie xx

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Marnie Magpie

Health. Nutrition. Fitness. You’ll find all the tips and tools you need right here.

Deep dive Let’s Get Healthy – coming soon!!

My Deep Dive Let’s Get Healthy is coming soon! I’m looking for beta testers – if you’d like to be involved please let me know by filling in your details below. The deep dive is about finding out what nutrition and fitness looks like to YOU and YOUR lifestyle – setting you up for success. It is about doing the groundwork before starting ‘just another diet or fitness program’. It is NOT an actual fitness or nutrition plan/program. 🥰

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