Spinach protein smoothie recipe (sweet but low sugar!)

Low carb high protein breakfast smoothie recipe with protein powder and spinach

Today I want to show you the delicious spinach protein smoothie recipe I make for breakfast almost every day with protein powder and a little fruit. It has spinach in it and not much sugar, but it is still sweet and delicious. I think it’s the best tasting smoothie with spinach out there!

I really crave this smoothie after my morning exercise and it is the perfect recipe for while the mornings aren’t too cold yet! Pretty soon it’ll be time for more hot breakfasts like my protein powder breakfast pudding recipe (YUM!) but right now a smoothie is still super delicious and refreshing for after a workout!

My spinach protein smoothie actually tastes good!

I’ve tried many different smoothie recipes over time, but they often have a lot of fruit in them (nothing wrong with that!), or they taste kind of bland.

I’m using Tropeaka protein powder in this one, and it’s yum. I like to choose a protein powder that doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners and doesn’t have that dusty, powdery flavour.

This high protein smoothie also has a huge handful of spinach which makes it super healthy, and to me, does not taste earthy or bitty like some spinach smoothie recipes.

Best protein powders for smoothies

At the moment I am using Tropeaka protein powder and I really love it! I always try to look for a natural protein powder with no artificial sweeteners. And of course that tastes good and doesn’t cost the earth!

Real spinach smoothie – ugly but delicious

Okay…now… it doesn’t LOOK Instagram worthy (the spinach makes it a kind of mucky colour) but it’s truly delicious – I promise!

I put an insta-style smoothie picture next to my smoothie… just for jokes… insta v amatuer right?!!

And just to be clear, I did not make the beautiful pink smoothie in the picture on the right and it is not a picture of my spinach protein smoothie recipe! Mine is the sloppy grey one with poor lighting. I’m really selling it to you all right?!

Spinach protein smoothie recipe

I’ve been making this breakfast smoothie for quite a while now and don’t measure out the ingredients… I just kinda chuck them in. So for the recipe I’ve just guessed the amounts – but play around with this – you can’t got too wrong! You can also play around with the amounts to make your breakfast smoothie as low carb and high protein as you like.

And check out my video below (my first ever video!) of how to make this delicious spinach protein breakfast smoothie! Normally I would add more berries than in this video but they were getting stuck in the bag so I just moved right along!!

You could also add peanut butter or another kind of nut butter to get some more healthy fats in there. I prefer to eat my peanut butter straight out of the jar so will often chase the breakfast smoothie with a big spoonful of it.

Spinach protein smoothie ingredients

Amount (size)Amount (weight)IngredientsNotes
1 cup30 grams/1 ounceBaby spinach
½ a piece60 grams/2.2 ouncesFrozen bananachopped
¼ cup40 grams/1.2 ouncesFrozen berries
1 tablespoon10 grams/0.4 ouncesChia seedsCan soak overnight, add dry or omit
cup80 grams/3 ouncesAlmond milk
¼ cup60 grams/2.2 ouncesCoconut water
½ -1 scoop25 grams/1 ounceProtein powder
*Amounts are approximate

Spinach protein smoothie method

Recipe method:
Blend up all the ingredients except the protein powder and the chia seeds.
Add the protein powder to the mixture and blend it in. Add a bit more water if needed (I like my smoothies super thick!)
Stir in the soaked chia seeds.
Slurp away! Yum!

Have you tried this recipe? Do you have a favourite high protein smoothie recipe with spinach? Please share!

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