I did the Rachael Attard Lean Legs program!

Rachael Attard Lean Legs Program: Sunday Week 8

Well lovelies, program complete! Yay! And now here are my results on the Rachael Attard Lean Legs Program.

For those of you who have been following my progress through this online fitness program, you’ll know it’s not been easy but I do feel healthier, fitter and stronger – physically and mentally. And I’ve learnt so much along the way. You can read my first post about starting the Lean Legs program if you like.

There are so many great things about this program – from the workouts, the meals and the community, and being able to workout from home. I’m pretty happy with my results, especially as I did not follow the meal plan exactly, and my fitness levels were so low to begin with that I followed modified versions for most of the workouts.

It’s a big time commitment to get in all the walking but even if you can’t do it all, it’s a great lifestyle change that you can modify to your ability level. Read my full review of Rachael Attard’s program here!

Rachael Attard Program before and after results

I’m pretty happy with my results – I feel fitter, stronger and healthier! Super proud to have begun AND stuck with it!

Thanks so much for sticking with me on this fitness journey and following my results on the Rachael Attard Lean Legs Program!

What next… the elusive balance

In my last post about whether fitness programs and challenges are sustainable, I talked a little about what I plan to do after finishing this online fitness program. I have a few niggly pains that I want to rest up on before they turn into injuries, a few creative projects to pursue, and a busy period at work, so a little time off (and a little extra sleep!) may be on the cards.

Personally, I feel that achieving balance can be difficult – it is not always possible to have all areas of your life in balance – work, family, health, creativity etc. There is always going to be something that needs (or you choose) to be a priority.

Finding priorities

For the last eight weeks I have prioritised health – sometimes I wanted to sleep in with my husband, but I got up and exercised. Sometimes I wanted to do some writing, or get a headstart on my work, but I spent time prepping meals. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been great, and I chose to make these decisions, but now I feel a change of season for me as I focus on creativity and work for a little while.  

It doesn’t mean I will stop making healthy choices and end my fitness journey – not at all – health is always a priority – but it’s just not going to be at the top of the priority pile for the next couple of months. My health journey will look like getting some movement every day, drinking plenty of water and laying off the junk food.

And who knows, in a couple of months I might be ready to amp things up again!

And because I love quotes… here is an awesome quote from Jeannie (The Running Baker).

I hope it kick starts your morning, afternoon or evening, depending on where you are in the world! She has loads more motivational quotes on her page The Running Baker 24 😊

How can I help you with your health and fitness goals

*Updated!: I’ve created tools and resources to help you on your fitness journey, including my how to stop snacking tip cards, more fitness goodies in my itty-bitty shop, and my online fitness program search tool to help you find the best online fitness program for YOU.

And don’t forget to start with my Let’s Get Healthy deep dive template – to get clarity on what nutrition and fitness means in YOUR life, and reach your health goals.

Please drop me a line if there is something you would like to see on the blog, or a fitness program you would like me to try out!

Right now, I’m sending you a virtual high five – you got this! And don’t forget to share here and pass the love along if someone you know needs one! Xx

How do you prioritise your life? And did you enjoy this program review? What would you like to see next on the blog?

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