No excuse not to exercise and eat well … (and my sweaty gym clothes secret!)

Rachael Attard Lean Legs Program – Saturday Week 3

Today marks the end of the third week of my fitness blog since I started Rachael Attard’s program. I’ve often had to remind myself that there is no excuse not to exercise and eat well… and have found one secret to make this easier!

Being organized!

It sounds simple, but there are so many specific ways it can help bust any excuses not to exercise and eat well! If you find it so hard to diet or you don’t have time to workout, read on! I like to exercise first thing in the morning, but some days I start work at 7.30am which makes for some very early starts! And it is so easy for those morning minutes to slip away and to think – oh well, I don’t have time for a workout.

And for those of you who like to workout twice a day or exercise after work, organisation is just as important when trying to build healthy habits. Here’s how I’ve been trying to stay organised AND I’ll share my sweaty (or not so sweaty) gym clothes secret!

What’s your excuse for no exercise or for not eating well!

Okay, let’s get some military precision organizational routines happening and say goodbye to fitness excuses! Here are four tips to get you started:

1 – ‘Twas the night before the exercise workout…

One of the best ways to stay organised and find time to exercise is by having a good daily workout preparation routine the night before. Each night I have been putting my exercise clothes out ready, filling my water bottle and setting up my device ready to play the workout video.

When I’m feeling too tired to workout and am looking for any excuse not to exercise, small things such as ‘I can’t find my running shoes’ or, ‘I can’t remember my password to log in for the workout’ just make everything that bit harder, AND cut into the workout time!

Preparing for my morning workout the night before has helped streamline the process. This means less mental challenges and motivation hurdles to stick to my fitness meal and exercise plan, so I can get up and go as soon as I wake up!

2 – What’s in the fridge? Eat well to exercise well (and bust excuses!)

Of course, being organized also helps with diet motivation and not grabbing the sugary snacks! I’m lucky enough to work from home, so as long as I get what I need out of the freezer the night before then I’m good to go and can generally make my food fresh!

But I’ve found it’s still important to think about what the day looks like the night before and what I’m going to be eating. If I’ve defrosted some chicken and I know what I’m going to make, then it’s much less tempting to grab something easy but less nutritious!

Making meals in bulk and freezing them is also such a good way to stick with a diet, then you know if you run out time you’ve still got an easy meal on hand. Especially if you are following a calorie controlled meal plan or a daily macro meal plan. I have done some bulk food prep using some of Rachael Attard’s macro meal recipes – fish curry, chicken caccitore, honey soy chicken, dhal, shepherd’s pie… and have these made ready for ‘emergencies’ when there is no time to cook!

Indecision can be another hurdle when trying to make healthy choices – if you can’t decide what to eat then it’s easy to grab an unhealthy snack! Being prepared and organised removes the greyness of indecision and helps you stick with a diet and fitness program. Eating well also help keep you motivated and energized to workout so you’ll have no excuse not to exercise!

3 – Fill ‘em up! Keep the supplies stocked to fuel your workouts

I really don’t like to run out of things! I’ve made sure I have plenty of frozen fruit ready for smoothies (and enough eggs for my delicious protein powder pudding recipe!) I add things to the shopping list as soon as they are getting low – another way to stay organized.

Making sure you have a well stocked pantry and fridge helps with making healthier choices. If the cupboards are bare, it’s much more tempting to order a pizza or eat out, rather than go get groceries and make up a meal. And remember, if you forget to be organized, the fall back position is to be flexible! If you don’t have frozen fruit for your smoothie, make it without, or chuck in a healthy alternative.

4 – Laundry duty – don’t let this be your excuse not to exercise!

And lastly, the washing!!! Ughh one thing I do not like about exercise is sweaty gym clothes! It’s also hard to know what to do with sweaty gym clothes – if they’re really sweaty, then they’re really gross – and you can end up washing every day just to get them out of your sight!

Fortunately it is quite cold here at the moment so I only have minimum sweat levels. But it means washing is hard to get dry and I have to keep on top of it or I quickly run out of clean clothes!

Keeping up with the laundry helps you stick with your workout routine and means less room for excuses! If you’ve run out of fresh workout tops it is just another unnecessary challenge and provides a great excuse not to workout.

Occasionally… if I don’t get very sweaty…I’m guilty of… (should I admit this?!)… I will wear the same workout top two days in a row… am I alone in this habit??!! I just hang my gym clothes out for an airing if they’re not too sweaty. Anything to eliminate excuses and make it easier to stick with the program!

Now you have no excuses…

A bit of organization in these four areas can help you start to build healthy habits and routines to create a nutrition and fitness-filled life. Now that I’ve got you started, where else in your daily routines will some organization help you? Keep applying this to your trouble spots and you’ll have no excuse not to exercise and eat well!

How do you stay organised to support healthy choices? Would you ever wear gym clothes twice?! Or recycle your non-sweaty workout tops?

Frequently Asked Questions
What do you eat in a week?

I recorded everything I ate in a week! Keeping a (blog) food diary sure helped keep me accountable!

How can I get motivated on the treadmill?

Sometimes the treadmill numbers seem to stand still. This is how you beat treadmill boredom.


6 thoughts on “No excuse not to exercise and eat well … (and my sweaty gym clothes secret!)”

  1. This made me laugh because it is so me!! Once I am not organised the wheels all fall off very quickly, I never realised how important it was to be prepared. OMG, I do wear gym clothes twice if they are not too sweaty (should I be admitting that)… I will air them out instead. I would be so embarrassed if they did actually smell!!

  2. You are so right! Being prepared is the best chance for success. You will be less likely to reach for unhealthy foods or skip your workout. As for the sweaty exercise clothes, forget it! I am drenched after my workouts.

  3. This was a lovely read! And I can actually say I too have worn my gym clothes twice😅 which I’ve learnt isn’t very good for you and can cause backne, due to the sweat that you release in your workout that dries into your clothes!

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