How to workout at home with no equipment

Rachael Attard Lean Legs Program – Sunday Week 2

Depending on the type of exercises you enjoy, there can be a number of ‘necessary’ ‘toys’ – ankle weights, sliding discs, exercise bands and more. And when starting a program to workout at home it can be tempting, or overwhelming when trying to decide what equipment you still need to buy.

Well, you can get fit without a gym, even without purchasing expensive equipment, by using things you already have at home and a few resourceful and creative solutions. Rachael has some suggestions for working out at home with no equipment and I’ve added my own. Check out these suggestions for what you can use to workout at home if you don’t have the proper exercise equipment.

Of course, sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself to some shiny, new toys as you embark on your healthy lifestyle… and you might just need this information while you’re waiting for your Amazon order to arrive (no excuses not to get started!) 😊

ps Lean Legs Program – end of week 2!

End of week 2, lovelies! Feeling fitter and more energy 😊

What to use instead of a yoga mat

When you’re doing yoga at home there are many things you could use instead of a yoga mat if you don’t have one. It depends on what yoga poses you are doing or if you’re just using your yoga mat for simple stretching or warm up routines.

For more intensive yoga moves you do need to make sure that your yoga mat alternative is not going to slip. You can use a towel, a blanket or even a small rug in place of a yoga mat, or even just do your moves straight on the carpet and this can be just as effective.

Workouts with ankle weights

A lot of workouts at home call for ankle weights, but what if you don’t have any? Do you have to give up on your fitness program and go back to bed? No, you do not!

It may be that you can get a good leg workout using your own body weight or by doing some extra repetitions. Otherwise you can improvise with filling a sock or stocking with sand, tying off the ends and tying it around your ankles.

Ankle weights are easy to buy online but if you’re stuck, find some old socks and try them out!

What to use instead of hand weights

There are lots of alternatives to hand weights or dumb bells depending on what you have on hand around the house, so that you can still tone up at home.

You can use ankle weights as hand weights if you are thinking of buying a set, then ankle weights can be used for both – saving you money.

Tinned food or full water bottles also give you a good workout at home for exercises that need hand weights.

Sliding discs – yes or no?

When I started this fitness program I already had a few bits and pieces lying around from attempts at exercise past. But I did not have any sliding discs.

So I tried paper plates, as suggested by Rachael! And they actually work a treat for lower body workouts. On carpet that is. If you are exercising on wooden floor or tiles, try microfibre cloths to get your glide on.

Exercise bands for stretching

Exercise bands are relatively cheap and easy to buy, but if yours snaps unexpectedly or you can’t find them, don’t worry – you still have options.

For simple stretches you can use an old sweater or piece of rope, and even better is a pair of stockings or tights. These should get you by and not stop you from working out at home with no equipment.

What if I don’t have a treadmill!

I must confess, I love, love, love my treadmill.

It was bought second-hand a few years ago and is like a loyal friend to me. Yes… there have been times, months even, when I haven’t even popped to the shed to say hello, but it’s always there patiently waiting for me to return. Whether it’s too hot, too cold, too rainy, too windy, I can still get my walk or run in.

BUT, being outside is awesome too! I can put on a raincoat and get marching, and come back feeling alive and exhilarated. If you don’t have a treadmill, you can still get outside and get your steps in, or even walk around your house. Whatever space you have, use it! Back and forward across the lounge room is still better than nothing when days when you don’t feel like going outside.

Do I need a fit bit?

There is something very motivating about tracking progress on a fit bit (or similar device) and it can often push you a little further at times when you might otherwise call it a day. But it can also be quite freeing to let it go! Try exercising by listening to your body sometimes – ask yourself – can I do more, can go a little further? You might be surprised at your results. You can also try exercising with a buddy to push you further.

If you need to know your step count, then what I do is count my steps in a minute, multiply it by 60 and that gives me an approximate number of steps for an hour of walking. I don’t have a fit bit but I DO like to watch the numbers go ‘round on the treadmill, so while it is not a necessity for working out at home, it may really help you to stick to your workout routine and go the extra mile.

Workout at home with no equipment – information table

I’ve put all the equipment alternatives in an easy to follow table for you! Now you can quickly check how to work out at home with no equipment and without a gym, and also see what I am using to complete this program. 

Exercise EquipmentAlternatives for Workout at HomeWhat I Use
Yoga matTowel, blanket, rug, carpet, sheetYoga mat or sometimes just the carpet
Ankle weightsFill long socks with sand and tie around your ankleI’m not using ankle weights for leg exercises (the exercises are already tough enough for me!) I do have some that I use as hand weights
Hand weightsAnkle weights, tinned food, bottled waterAnkle weights
Sliding/Gliding discsPaper plates of working out on carpet, or microfibre/soft cloths for working out on hard floorsPaper plates
Exercise/resistance bandsOld sweater, stockings/tightsExercise bands
TreadmillWalk outside, around your house or up and down your lounge roomTreadmill/outside
Fit bit/step counterManual count and then use your Maths skills 🙂 Exercise with buddies, Intuitive exerciseI count the number of steps in a minute on the treadmill and multiply by 60 so I know the number of steps I’ve done in an hour (around 7000!)
Workout at home with no equipment – information table

Are you the sort of person who likes to have ALL THE GEAR? Or do you get frustrated about extra costs for an exercise program? Maybe you have bits and pieces lying around from previous exercise efforts… 😂

Frequently Asked Questions
Is it better to workout at home or at the gym?

There are pros and cons to both but I think working out at home is better than the gym and here’s why!

Are online fitness programs good for long term results?

The best online fitness programs will be designed as part of an ongoing healthy lifestyle. It’s all about approaching nutrition and fitness programs with the right mindset to get the results you want.


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  1. This is amazing. I love how you made it very easy to follow on how to workout without buying equipment. It gives people options and shows that anyone can do it. Working out is so important and you made it even harder for people to say they can’t do it. Great job!

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