How to stop snacking! Thoughts to make you think twice

Fun ways to stop snacking so much after dinner

Hey lovelies, I hope you are having a wonderful week. Me myself, I’ve been feeling a bit munchy in the evenings tbh and for now I’ve been enjoying a spoonful of peanut butter after dinner that seems to hit the spot and stop me from snacking further. But peanut butter does not always cut the peanuts, or it can be hard to stop at one spoonful, or… shut-the-front-door, the jar might already be empty… then what will you do????

So I have whipped up this ‘think this’ list for when I feel like snacking out of boredom/restlessness/anyotherreason. These thoughts will make you think twice about snacking at night, or any other time!

You can also get the full set which includes my fabulous How to Stop Snacking practical tip cards from my itty-bitty shop. You get ten easy, fun practical ideas for how to stop snacking after dinner. Now I made this list with a smile on my face, shaking my head and tut-tutting at the absurdity of myself and why it can be so hard darn darn hard to stop snacking sometimes!

When SHOULD I snack?

Of course, here is my pre-list message to remind you it’s OK to snack if that’s what you want to do!! Some snacks are nutritious with lots of health benefits for your bod, and some snacks are full of sugary goodness that can be good for your soul… so please, take my list with a grain of salt (or a spoonful of peanut butter) and enjoy your snacks when you want to.

And for the times when you’d rather try something else other than eating, and are looking for how to stop snacking so much, give these a go.

I’ve even made them into printable pdf purse-size tip cards, with love, from me to you X

Thoughts to stop you grabbing the snacks

Here are five things you can think about, or tell yourself, to help stop you reaching for the evening snacks. And my snacking disclaimer again – there is not necessarily anything WRONG with evening snacks – it’s all up to you and YOUR goals, and what YOU are trying to achieve.

Evening snacking is something I sometimes want to reduce, as I get a little tired of waking up feeling like my mind and body are buried under piles of salt and sugar.

So here are five thoughts to break the snack attack that MAY just click for you:

1 – Snacks don’t last long!

That donut/chocolate bar/bag of chips will only be in your mouth a few minutes, and then what? You’ll still be sitting there either feeling full of sugar/salt, or (if you’re like me) STILL feeling like you want more snacks. Find something else to do instead of snacking!

2 – Get the benefit of hindsight now

Think about how you will feel afterwards. Will snacks make you feel happy, strong, satiated? Probably not. This may be enough to put you off.

3 – How many steps in a chocolate bar?

Think about the exercise you’ve done today and/or that you’ve got planned tomorrow. Will this snack help you perform? Is this what you got up early and exercised for, so that you could mindlessly eat? Think hard about whether it’s worth it!

4 – You can have it for breakfast

Sometimes I tell myself, ‘You can have that snack for breakfast’. This means I don’t feel deprived or restricted like saying ‘you can’t have that snack ever’, which makes me want to scoff everything in sight before it’s taken away from me. It’s a gentler approach – telling myself I can have it, but just not now.

And then by tomorrow, well, I should be on with my day and over the snack attack, glad that I didn’t eat the fridge out last night! I find a bag of chips much less appealing and easier to resist for breakfast than after dinner.

5 – Not long until bed time!

I had a thought today that one of the reasons that it’s so hard to stop snacking after dinner is because there are NO MORE MEALS. Throughout the day, we eat, we do stuff, we eat, we do stuff and so forth, and we always have more meals or healthy snacks scheduled for later.

But after dinner, that’s it! You’re done! There’s just the evening stretching on… empty of food.

I find it helpful to sometimes think about what time it is now, and having an end point which is your bed time. I have dinner early around 5-6pm and go to bed super early around 8-9pm. If I keep that in mind, that in 2-3 hours I’ll be in bed, then psychologically it puts a boundary in place to mark the end of your time without food!

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REMEMBER! No guilt!

If you decide to snack then make sure you truly, joyfully love it and appreciate it. Make it good for your soul. This is all part of your journey and guilt has no place in health.

What do you say to yourself to avoid unwanted evening snacks and avoid mindless snacking? Have you tried any of these approaches? Please share!

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