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Welcome, lovelies…

Are you looking for a health and fitness program? Do you find you tend to jump from one shiny thing to another like a magpie, never sticking (or even starting) before the next idea pops up and you’re off chasing again?

Do you get overwhelmed by options, choices and the crazy volume of information we have at our fingertips? It can be so tricky just knowing where to start!

Hi! I’m Marnie. 

A happy magpie, always searching for shiny new things.

And I’m here to help you find the gold.

I’ve explored loads of fitness programs, and created tools, tips and fun resources – collating a treasure chest of shiny gems for you to delve into and choose what’s right for you.

The fitness program search tool can help you sift for your perfect nutrition and fitness program, and there are lots of bits and pieces in my itty-bitty shop to help YOU enjoy YOUR fitness journey!

There are loads of freebies throughout the site like my healthy alternatives to sugary junk pdf table to help you get started and stay on track – no matter what your health and fitness journey looks like!

Let me help you get started on your health and fitness journey today…

Marnie Magpie xx

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Marnie Magpie

Health. Nutrition. Fitness. You’ll find all the tips and tools you need right here.

Get started here with my free guided deep dive into diet and fitness, to set YOU up for success! Use my free template designed to help you get clarity around what health looks like to YOU and find the right workout program for YOU.

Browse hundreds of at home workout plans and online fitness programs to find the right one for YOU. The super helpful program finder tool helps you to easily compare programs without spending hours googling.

There are loads of tips and free printables designed to help you stick with your diet and fitness program AND enjoy the journey! (including the extremely popular table of healthy alternatives to replace junk!)

Where do you want to go next…

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