Five reasons to follow a good morning workout routine!

Rachael Attard Lean Legs Program – Tuesday Week 3

I’m a morning person. No doubt about it, if things need to get done – they need to be scheduled for the morning. Rachael Attard’s program often has two exercise sessions a day, ideally one for the morning one for the evening.

But I know if I leave it to the evening there’s a good chance it’s not happening. I fade away throughout the day and am usually not good for much after dinner!

So, I do all my exercise first thing in the morning. Is it the best time to workout in the day? Should you exercise before work or after? Of course, it depends on YOU and YOUR schedule but here are five reasons why I love a good morning workout routine.

1 – Make the most of your empty stomach

Rachael Attard recommends fasted walking when you first get up in the morning. BUT she also advises that it is much more important to fit the workouts around your schedule and make sure they get done!

There are varying opinions of the effectiveness of fasted walking and that it can help with faster weight loss and fat burn.

Should you eat before your morning workout? I prefer to walk on an empty stomach but if you feel you need the energy then eat something first. By stepping out the door first thing in the morning then you can give fasted walking a go and potentially get faster weight loss results.

2 – Ticked off the to-do list by 8am

I find that having a morning workout routine and completing all my exercise first up is a great way to start the day. I have achieved a sense of achievement before breakfast and can sit and drink my smoothie feeling like a winner, optimistic about the day ahead.

I jest.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve done enough for the day and that I’d happily go back to bed. But I am glad to have ticked exercise off the list, either way 😊

3 – Saving water

Perhaps working out twice a day helps to lose weight fast. I’ve not done any research but perhaps spreading out the exercise keeps your metabolism up for longer?

A fasted walk in the morning to kickstart your morning routine and then a fuelled HIT workout or run in the afternoon to give you another boost?

I’m speculating.

Basically, I’ve tried splitting the sessions to do the walk in the morning and the workout in the afternoon but I can’t cope with two exercise sessions in one day. I like to get it all done, have my shower and not get sweaty again until the next morning.

And showering only once a day saves water. 😊

4 – Less stresses about the tresses

Sweaty hair. Ughhh. Need I say more? Sweaty hair after a workout is unavoidable in my experiences.

Having to wash it every day is a bit of a drag, but washing it twice a day? Not happening.

Would washing your hair twice a day be good for it? I think my hair would turn to fluff. Another reason to get the workout done in the morning, wash the hair and not getting sweaty again!

And speaking of sweaty, one morning workout routine means only one set of sweaty workout clothes. Less washing. Especially if they’re not too sweaty.

5 – Your day is your own

The best thing about working out before work for me, is that my day is my own! By the end of the day I am tired and want to unwind. Or, something comes up later in the day to get in the way!

Sometimes I like to go for a stroll after dinner, but this is for pleasure – not the obligation of a workout. This week I’ve been so sleepy I’ve fallen asleep on the couch most nights!

Working out twice a day may be better for weight loss, but then I feel like my day just revolves around timing my eating, exercising, stretching and showering! I definitely love having a good morning workout routine and not exercising after work.  

When do YOU like to exercise? Are you most productive early in the day or are you a night owl? Please share!

Frequently Asked Questions
How do you deal with sweaty gym clothes?

I’m not sure if this the way to deal with them, but if your gym clothes aren’t too sweaty would you do this?

What’s the best thing to eat after your morning workout routine?

Check out my high protein, delicious sweet breakfast pudding recipe or my sweet (no earth flavour), low sugar spinach protein smoothie


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  1. I am also a morning person! And earlier, when I was working out every second/third day I was really doing it in the morning. It gave me some fresh feeling and motivated me.

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