Five new tips for how to make sure you drink enough water

Staying hydrated can be a chore!

Do you drink enough water in day? Do you like drinking plain water or do you find it a chore?

Personally, I think nothing tastes better than guzzling down water during and after a sweat-filled workout. When I’m exercising, it’s easy to drink enough water and it goes down better than a hot cross bun at Easter.

The rest of the day… is a different story. It takes a real effort to drink enough water, and if I didn’t have my water bottle with me all the time, I think I would forget to drink at all until I was suddenly parched at 5 in the afternoon. Even when I do remember, I sometimes just look at the bottle and think, I really don’t feel like drinking water!

It’s like all things good for us – once the habit is created, it’s much easier to do. But until then… it can be a bit of a drag. Plus there is all the peeing. The more I drink, the more bathroom trips I take.

How much water do we really need if it’s going straight through?? But really, I am truly grateful to have clean, fresh drinking water available at all times, and I truly feel better the more I drink. My skin is clearer too, which is surely at least in part due to proper hydration!

Some fascinating facts about drinking enough water each day

So I’ve promised you 5 tips to help make sure you drink enough water and stay hydrated. But first, some interesting facts about hydration and getting enough water in the day that you might not already know.

Where is the water

We’re all aware of the recommended 2-3 litres of water to drink per day, but did you know that a third of the water your body needs actually comes from food?

Jackie Walters’ publication ‘Water’ from the University of Kentucky, explains that fruits and vegetables have the highest water content, meats have some water, grains and fats have the least amount of water but even some pastas and rice can be made of up to one third water! I thought that was pretty cool.

Beat the bloat

Not the food bloat, I’m talking about the water bloat. One of the reasons your body may hold onto water, is because it’s dehydrated.

So one thing that may reduce water retention? Drink more water. Your body sometimes holds onto it because it doesn’t have enough. So by drinking more water, it stops retaining so much.

But wait! There are many reasons your body may retain water, including hormones, medical conditions, lack of movement, obesity, stress or not getting proper nutrition. So always consult a doctor if you have any concerns.

Rehydrating with salt

When you are exercising and thirsty, you gulp down the water right? And afterwards as well? Post-exercise hydration is super important. But how’s this.

A study by Susan Shirreffs et al ‘Post-exercise rehydration in man: effects of volume consumed and drink sodium content found that sodium plays a big part in the rehydration process – hydration is not just replacing water fluid.

Basically if you don’t consume fluid with a high enough sodium content, then the water can go straight through you. You drink a load of water and as you feel less thirsty, you slowly drink less, slowing the rehydration process.

The study suggests that ‘rehydration after exercise can only be complete and rapid if the sodium lost in sweat during exercise is replaced as well as the water’ otherwise rehydration is much slower.

But how much sodium do we need post workout for rehydration?

As individuals are all individual, with different body compositions and sweat output, there is too much variation to get one answer, or one formula!

So while we might not know exactly how much sodium needs replacing after a workout, it is recommended to have some solid food (with sodium) soon after your workout, or a drink that has enough sodium in it to replace what was lost through sweat!

Both the amount of fluid you drink and the sodium ingested must both be high enough to adequately rehydrate!

I came across this cool tool ‘a sweat test’ on the Precision Hydration website, that helps determine how much you sweat, and how much sodium you lose. It can vary between 200mg/l to 2000mg/l! Check it out – it’s free!

And finally, here are five tips for getting your water on, and staying hydrated all day!!

1 – It’s all in the timing

I fill a 750ml bottle and aim to drink one during my morning exercise, a second bottle by early afternoon, and a third bottle by bedtime. Which gives me 2.25 litres, plus other fluids like my morning smoothie, and the occasional tea (no coffee here, ewww).

Breaking it down like this helps keep me on track. I find a one litre bottle just too overwhelming and slow to get through, plus a 750ml bottle fits in my bag so I can take it everywhere!

2 – Room temperature only!

I don’t really like cold water and find it hard to drink, and especially hard to drink a lot. I find room temp water is much easier to slurp rather than sip so you can reach your water intake goal.

3 – Gulp it down

Every time I take a drink I take five big gulps. Hey, if I remember to drink, I make the most of it! This way you get it down five times faster and it’s five times less to remember, helping you get enough daily water.

4 – Make the most of meal time

Always have your water with you when you eat. For each meal or snack, make sure you have a drink before your meal and after your meal. Five big gulps each time will help you get through it quickly.

5 – Lastly, choose your water bottle wisely!

You don’t want anything that is too much effort to get the lid off, or the water doesn’t come out easily, or anything else that’s going to bug you!! I personally love the plastic squeezy ones so that the water comes out really easily.

Finding a water bottle that you love really helps you to make sure you drink enough water each day.

Do you drink enough water? Can you share some of your tips?!

ps In my itty-bitty shop I have a daily reminder mini poster to help you get all the water down! Available as digital download, or printed on card and mailed from me to you with love 😘 (AND comes with a bonus digital tick chart!)

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need a good morning workout routine?

Starting your day with a workout is a great way to begin! There are many reasons exercising before work is a good move.

Am I tired because I ate too much or am I eating too much because I’m tired?

Sleep is one factor that can effect your appetite and consequently your weight loss goals. Read about the interrelation between sleep and appetite!


10 thoughts on “Five new tips for how to make sure you drink enough water”

  1. Love this. Always need to remind myself to drink water throughout the day. Taking 5 big gulps seems like a quick easy switch. And yes, I’m a room temp water gal too.

  2. I’ve got another idea that works well for me: use a (resuable) straw.. I find I drink so much more water when I have a straw in my bottle… and I def bring my water bottle everywhere

  3. Omg this is so me, I drink up to 3L of warm water. Someone told me it helps with digestion plus I think I adapted it with chinese colleagues.

  4. I have always loved plain water. I can’t stand gatorade or powerade or those little drops put into their drinks. Good ‘ole plain water is what always quenches my thirst! I always bring a large water bottle with me everywhere I go so I remember to drink.

  5. I don’t drink enough water and I really should try harder. I find keeping a pretty water bottle on show and full helps, and swapping out coffee in the afternoon for herbal or fruit teas pushes my intake up a bit. I do like preparing pretty drinks like sparkling water with ice and a few berries or edible flowers as a garnish.

    Isn’t it funny how the most basic things can be so tricky to consistently do?

  6. When I exercise I find it so easy to drink lots of water but on non-exercise days I really struggle – even though I know I would be dehydrated. It’s weird.

    I love your tips – I had to break it down into smaller amounts too. I have a cup on the bench near the fridge, right next to my water purifier, and I drink a glass every time I go to the fridge. Make my 8 cups easy!

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