Accountability buddies and why you need them

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It can be quite challenging to stay accountable and stick with a workout program or diet, and sooner or later your willpower starts to drop, motivation ebbs and flows and the distractions of life keep popping up to, well, distract you!

There are lots of strategies to help with staying focused and reaching your fitness goals but one that cannot be overrated is getting some accountability buddies for diet and fitness motivation and support.

What are accountability buddies?

An accountability buddy is someone who basically, well, keeps you accountable!

Have you even started a diet with friends? Maybe you are trying one now.

Having someone share the journey with you really helps for both celebrating the wins, and picking you up through the challenging times. You may have found that it is easier to stick with a diet or workout program when you are following it with someone.

I’ve never been a big Facebook user but decided to join the Lean Legs Facebook group for some extra help, and accountability! There are so many amazing tips, recipes and ideas, and a great group of ladies (I’m pretty sure it is all ladies) that share their challenges, achievements and motivate each other. A community of accountability buddies is a great way to get support with sticking to a diet or fitness program!

Share your fitness goals with friends

One lovely lady called Tracy started an accountability group on the page for those who wanted to ‘check in’ every day. There is something magic about saying you’re going to do something and then following through and committing! And it definitely made me think twice on occasion about snacking after dinner when I remembered about checking in with the group the next day.

These were my six fitness and health goals that I checked in for each day!

  1. Complete the workout for the day! (Exercise video or a run)
  2. Complete the 60 minute power walk for the day!
  3. Drink 2-3 litres of water each day
  4. Make healthy food choices (no junk) and don’t overeat!
  5. Stop eating after dinner
  6. Replace negativity with kind, motivating, gratitude-filled thoughts and words – ‘You are so healthy today!’, ‘My run/walk/sit ups went well today!’, ‘I’m grateful to be getting fit and healthy.’

Even if you do not have a buddy or group following the same fitness journey as you, an accountability buddy can still support you in other ways.

Perhaps you have a fitness friend that can meet you for workouts or to go for walks together. It is easier to motivate yourself to get out of bed if you know your friend is waiting to walk with you!

Maybe you have a friend or partner that you can check in with when you need a little debrief, or reminders of why you are doing what you’re doing. Accountability buddies can take on different roles depending on what you need and what your fitness journey looks like.

No saboteurs!

The opposite of accountability buddies are those people who try to sabotage your efforts or send negative energy your way.

These people have no interest in the healthy lifestyle choices you are trying to make and quietly (or sometimes loudly), make it known that they don’t approve. Maybe they give you an eye roll if you politely decline a piece of cake, or throw lines at you like, ‘just one won’t hurt’ or, ‘why are you bothering anyway’ or ‘I would never get up early to exercise, you should just enjoy sleeping in’.

Sometimes this behaviour is a misunderstanding – or a lack of wanting to understand – why anyone would want to live differently to them.

Other times it comes from a place of fear – they are afraid that you will change and maybe what this means to them and your friendship, or sometimes from a place of jealousy as you work hard to better yourself in a way that they can’t do.

For good friends, sometimes a little heart to heart can work wonders and their behaviour can change once they realise it’s about you, not them. For others, you may need to cut them away, and imagine an invisible shield surrounding yourself that their comments just bounce right off.

Food plays a big role in our lives and is often a part of coming together, sharing and enjoying times together. It can be hard for some friends to see past that and realise you are not being rude when you don’t want to share a late night greasy takeaway. Suggesting alternatives for meals or activities you can do together can help skeptical friends become accountability buddies and enjoy the journey with you.

Fitness buddies – where are you?

You may be lucky enough that your friends and/or partner are super supportive and you have instant accountability buddies. It’s okay if they’re not so interested in your journey, as long as they’re not sabotaging!

It can sometimes even be better to have someone, or a group of people independent from your immediate circle to support you. There are many weight loss support groups or exercise buddy websites and Facebook groups where you can find someone with similar goals and support each other.

Another great way to stay accountable and build connections is through blogging! I love hearing from you and reading your comments. If you’ve ever thought about starting a blog, check out all the resources from Create and Go (who I started my blog with). They have so much free content, you can learn a lot before even paying a cent.

Go forth and connect!

I hope I’ve shared with you how great it is to have an accountability buddy or accountability group to support you on your fitness journey.

You can either check in with your RL friends, find fitness friends online, or build your own community through a fitness blog.

Watch out for sabotagers and keep your invisible shield on for unavoidable times you find yourself going in to battle.

And remember to smile, laugh, enjoy your fitness journey and if you want a piece of cake – eat it on your terms!

Do you have a support network on your health and fitness journey? How do you stay accountable? Please share!

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10 thoughts on “Accountability buddies and why you need them”

  1. I used to go running with a group of girl friends, which kept us all accountable. But life got busy and we’ve not been able to keep up the group support. It’s a shame because not wanting to let others down is a great motivator 🙂

  2. my bestfriend is my accountablity partner when we were training for ironman 🙂 it was so much fun. Great tips!

  3. This is very helpful. Especially for someone like me who BADLY wants to switch to a healthier lifestyle. Thank you so much for making the transition easier and smoother for me xx

  4. Don’t have an accountability partner /group yet, but should definitely get one, to stay accountable and get motivated on those days I don’t feel like working out! thanks for the tip!

  5. Love this! My husband and I help each other with this a lot. I love working out but he struggle to, so I keep him accountable and he helps me with other things that don’t come easy to me. Teamwork makes the dreamwork! 🙂

  6. I couldn’t agree more!
    Accountability partners are essential in a fitness journey, and very useful in every other area of our lives in which we struggle with motivation. Sometimes we cannot rely only on our will-power and discipline, but we need someone else to rely on.
    Great post! 🙂

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