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Hi I’m Marnie!
(also known as Lisa away from the screen)

Thanks for visiting 😊

I started this blog initially to share my nutrition and fitness journey and to help you get started on yours.

I realised there are so many shiny nutrition and fitness programs out there it can be hard to find the right one or even know where to begin!

I created the nutrition and fitness program search tool to help you find the program that’s right for you. I also try some of them out and share my thoughts and results! You can read about the first program I followed here.

You can find extra tools, tips and free printables to help you get started and stick with your diet or fitness program – and stay smiling! Check out my itty-bitty shop to see my popular, fun tip cards, and of course, there are lots of freebies around the site!

If you’re thinking of starting a fitness program or making changes towards a healthy lifestyle but aren’t sure where to begin, you will love my Deep Dive – Let’s Get Healthy free template.

I hope this blog helps guide you to start your own shiny nutrition and fitness journey, and fill your life with treasure.

Marnie Magpie xx

My Story

My story is a familiar one – like many women, I have an interest in nutrition and fitness – and enjoy reading about all the ways out there to lose weight, tone up, feel good, find health, etc, often browsing and reading while slothing around and eating sweet treats!

I jumped back and forth from fitness programs and fad diets promising miracles, like a magpie chasing shiny things – there are so many ideas/programs/courses out there to try!

I came across Rachael Attard’s Lean Legs Program and thought it looked like something I could stick with, and I might even get lean legs (bonus)!

I started this blog to share my experiences on the program and create tools to help other women work out what nutrition and fitness looks like to them and to find the right online fitness program to get the results and lifestyle they want.

And achieve some clarity (and a little accountability!) for myself along the way.

I hope you find fun, fitness and inspiration here…

A life filled with treasure – let’s create it.

Marnie xx

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